Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a quest for tea

I love chocolate tea. It is amazing. It combines two of my favourite things, tea and chocolate; utopia does exist (I'm sure Thomas More would agree). Sadly I'm quickly running out of the 50g I received from Santa in my stocking. Goal: to find a good loose leaf tea shop in New York. Problem: the huge quantity (quantitea?) of tea shops. Silver lining: going to said numerous tea shops and getting to poke around. So far my research on yelp has provided the beginnings to a list: Subtle Tea, Tea Spot, and McNulty's. Bubble tea is another mission entirely!

Monday, December 28, 2009

wish list

I've been drooling over this wee bud vase forever from mudpuppy on etsy. It makes me want to collect moss and have it grow out of the top.

warm feet = happy feet

The holiday hiatus is over. I have returned to New York with the best Christmas present: moccasin style slippers, made in Canada moccasin style slippers at that. Oh they are lovely! Very anti-peta with the rabbit fur lining around the ankle, which clearly makes me a horrible person as I adore them. It was a jam packed Christmas week and luckily I got to see all my favourite people, sit around playing geeky German boardgames or card games, win at Scrabble, drink copious amounts of tea while eating copious amounts of goodies, have an ungodly serving of a very drunken black forest cake, and spend Christmas day sitting by the fire watching my family enjoy all the gifts I found them. Now you'd think this would be enough; however, I did miss out on one tradition that I need to fix before the year is over: watching White Christmas singing along to all the songs especially this one:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

grizzly bears aren't always deadly

holiday reading

I bought this book while on the Rock for Sara's wedding from this great bookstore near our hotel Sweet Relic. There is something so inviting about a local bookstore to me. All I can think of is how wonderful it would be to have my own book store where I could serve loose leaf tea in chipped teapots and play as much Great Lake Swimmers or Iron & Wine as I see fit. Actually, it would probably be a mix between indie folk rock and the cbc, but I would insist on a wood stove burning in the corner and a cat sleeping in a wicker basket at all times.

knitting crush

I can't lie, I have a massive knit crush on Kim Hargreaves. Not only are her pieces amazing, the styling of the shoots for her patterns make me swoon. She makes me aspire to be a better knitter than I am. If only I could afford all that wool.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

to stay warm when it gets cold

I'm from the one part of Canada where it doesn't snow. Ok, that's not entirely true. I'm from the one part of Canada were it doesn't snow often, and when it does snow we all hide indoors. My winter is made up of grey clouds, brightly coloured umbrellas and wet socks. This makes me completely unprepared for a proper snow filled, cold nosed, mittened hands, toqued wearing winter. Goal: winter coat. Canadian answer: nobis outerwear.

irish moss

Ami and I found this amazing temporary wallpaper which is aptly named Tempaper at this great store in Williamsburg Brooklyn Merch and decided to put it up in the apartment to try and make the pressurized wall look a little less... well like a pressurized wall. It took the better part of Sunday and we had to run out to buy a second roll while it was pouring buckets outside but the result is perfect!