Wednesday, January 26, 2011

winter wonderland

Winter has a grip on the city and the resulting effect is all the New Yorkers complaining about the "arctic conditions". As a perennial optimist I'm going to point out the great things about snow in this city: fresh snow blankets the old dirty muck, the city seems to slow down and (saving the best for last) when is it better to bake then when a blizzard is happening outside your window! Which means making a batch of my now perfected bread. I'd also like to point out that -5C is hardly arctic.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

tastes like canada

om nom nom indeed! Firstly, having Nathan tell me "look for the om nom nom sign, and you'll have found Poutini's" was possibly the best nerd moment I've experienced in awhile. Followed by heart-attack-inducing-squeaky-cheese-gravy-fries-coma. I'm definitely making a trip back there next week while I'm back in Toronto.

first new york christmas

Christmas away from Victoria = my very own Christmas tree. I had a great time running around to find ornaments, finding out how expensive they are, buying a few (how could I say no to a narwhal Christmas ornament?!), making a few, and receiving a few in a care package from Mum. I do have to say that my favourite project was the faux capiz shell garland it did take me awhile to get it long enough even for my small tree and then I was paranoid that the cats were going to attack it so I was vigilant in repositioning it every night on the higher branches. I took the tree down today, carefully packed up all my ornaments and put them away. I think that's the worst thing about Christmas, how empty the apartment is without any decoration.