Friday, May 25, 2012

family crest

Ami made me the most amazing family crest to ring in my thirtieth birthday. I do believe that my personal favourite is Boris sporting a dandified top hat and a monocle! Boris is just so refined, he needs an earldom. Our ever present spirit animal the narwhal is also featured as well as Zoya being significantly less refined in her play mode. Next step: get family crest printed on matching hoodies. I'm not sure if he'll ever be able to top this gift!

Monday, May 21, 2012

was this really yesterday?

Was this really only yesterday that I was able to sit outside in the morning on my patio enjoying my homemade brunch and by the evening watch tango dancers in Union Square with envy? Today we are definitely experiencing more of a west coast spring day (read thunder showers) and here I am without any rain gear to offer protection. To anyone visiting NYC, city rain does not smell of earth or tomato plants but rather of a humid, sweaty city.

I derive absolutely no pleasure from the rain in the city. I do not want to put on wellies to run and splash through puddles, but rather think of the day Alyson told me she avoids all puddles in San Francisco as you never know where the puddle originated from. Photo documentation: oil slick, cigarette butt and (possibly the worst aspect) the unknown!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

subway first

I've experienced many firsts in New York but today is the first time I've seen a 6'2 man in a Chester Cheeto costume. I should mention that not one person on that entire subway car said one word about it or gawked for an inappropriately long time. I think what made this seem almost normal was him carrying a box of baked goods onto the train with him while still wearing the head portion of the costume. He got off at 42nd and disappeared into the craziness that is Times Square.

My only question that I would've asked if I had time; did he wear the head while ordering from the bakery?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best Coast Dreaming

Heading home in 3 weeks. I miss everything about my coast: the smell of ocean in the air, the greenest greens, the slowed down "island pace", the quiet and most importantly the community of family and friends who still call home home. It's weird to feel like I have two homes, one here in New York and another on the West Coast. I feel stretched, with half of me always thinking of Victoria and the other half present in NYC and the life Ami and I have created here together. If only life were a muppet movie and I could travel instantly by map.