Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday morning in gramercy

One thing that I've have being enjoying is the sun in New York; it's January and there is sun everyday! Even at -8°C outside, I can deal with it because of the sun. Ami and I went out for a late brunch at Five Points restaurant which is 20ish blocks away from home, but we were walking south which meant the sun warming my cheeks while we walked. I was disappointed in brunch though, it was a decidedly average meal which I wasn't expecting with the 4.5 stars it had received on google, especially when Cafe Orlin was delicious last weekend and significantly less pretentious. On the way home we stopped at our local bagel shop Ess-A-Bagel to pick up a baker's dozen. Seriously, they're as big as your head, and delicious! I do miss the hand rolled skinny Montreal style bagels that I grew up with, but these are a welcome change.

I also got a few French Macaroons from a cafe across the street and devoured them.

I ate three, and left Ami one. Yes, I am that much of a pig.

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