Tuesday, February 16, 2010

when the sun isn't shinning

When my widget reflects what looking outside my window shows, it gives me no excuse to not make some bread like I've been planning to for awhile! Although I wanted to experiment with getting a sourdough starter up and on the go in my fridge, I was not prepared enough for that. So instead I pulled out my trusty Canadian Living cookbook and get stuck into it.

First note: I do not have a mixing bowl large enough for a double recipe. First mistake: making a double recipe thinking it'll turn out fine. Oops.

I added 3 cups of whole wheat flour to fool myself into thinking it will be healthy! Or at least healthier than the insane shelf life bread available here (unless I'm willing to part with a big chunk of cash to get the good stuff from the bakery).

Before shot.

Delicious after shot.

My plan is to keep making homemade bread as this batch (for my first batch without the aid of my mum) turned out extremely well. The flavour is very mild as I'm used to something a bit more hearty, time to try out the country harvest recipe next or the sourdough! Yum!

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